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water sports

Stay safe on water, even at dawn!

Adventure Lights is a brand that is committed to helping people be safe on water. With our waterproof, submersible and shockproof lights you can use them while kayaking or any other water sport.

Safety First

Guardian Dog Light - Red - Edited - Edited-2

Reversible Battery


High Impact Lens


Easy ON/OFF Switch


Strap opening


Holding strap


Clip on base

one light.. Every adventure

sport light

stay safe on water at the dawn of day!

This dog light will keep you safe as you walk your dog at night. With its bright and powerful LED, this light can be seen from 100m, so drivers will notice them even on dark streets. Further, it easily clips onto any collar and is waterproof for dogs who love swimming or playing in rain.

premium quality rugged material and impeccable quality

Our products are safe, rugged and made to last. They will resist high impact, water and other damages so that you can be guaranteed the ultimate adventure light experience!



Our dog safety light is waterproof up to 100m so it will protect your pooch even under the rain.

Impact resistant

Impact resistant

Our dog lights can withstand a pressure up to 115 kg for you and your dog safety!

Military grade

Military grade

These are the same lights used by our military.

Feeling Fine

See and Be Seen

Our lights can be seen from a distance of up to 5 kilometers so you and your pooch can walk safely at night.

We Mean it when we say RUGGED

Make Sure Everyone Sees You on Water

What if you could see your dog from a distance? Even in the rain, at night or when it’s foggy. What if you could be sure that you and your pet can be seen from a far distance to increase safety during walks? That’s why we created adventure lights. These lights will ensure you and your pet are seen from up to 5 kilometers away so that no matter where or when, you can take him/her for a walk safely.

0m 100m


0KG 150KG

crush weight

0 hours 250 hours

battery longevity

0 km 5 km

visibility distance

safety first

make sure people see you!

Let’s be honest, it gets dark, and your dog is probably not going to have a flashlight attached to his head. That’s where adventure lights come in. They’ll keep you visible during evening walks, plus make sure other people see you and your dog so you don’t get hit by an errant car or bike.

Client Reviews

Thank You for Your Trust

We use to buy those lights that you can hang onto the collar but I found they died super fast and were not very bright. We took a chance on this light based on the reviews and I am so happy we did. It is super bright which makes me feel more comfortable and seen when walking during the winter and night. Highly recommend it. I use the clip on attachment and put it on the front of my dogs harness so that it shines on the ground that way you can see where our pup is at all times. I find cars see us and slow down for us to cross roads way before they use to with the dinky little clip on light we used to get.