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One Light - Every Adventure™

Guardian™ LED Bicycle Light

Ideal for:

Patented Omnidirectional OpticsReverse Polarity Program Switching®

$19.99 CAD

Product Number: 5502X

  • Attach to bicycle poles or clip on to wheel spokes.
  • Switch between Flashing and Steady-On by flipping the battery.
  • Visible from all sides (omnidirectional).
  • Extremely durable, temperature resistant and waterproof.
  • Includes attachable Belt Clip and Bicycle Mount
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Additional information

Battery Source

6V Lithium Coin Cell Battery Pack (included)

Optional Battery

2x Cr2032 3V Lithium Coin Cell

Visibility Range

3 miles (5km)

Waterproof Rating

100 Meters (328 Feet)

Operating Temperature

-20 to +60°C

Environmental Seal


Dome Lens

High Impact Polycarbonate

Housing Material

High-Tech Polymer


0.8oz (20g) with Battery, without Bicycle Mount


1.6" (4cm) x 1.2" (3cm) x 1" (2.5cm) or 1.6" (4cm) with Belt Clip


Patented Omnidirectional Optics, Reverse Polarity Program Switching®


The Guardian™ Bike Light is a robust signal light that is fully waterproof, impact resistant and omnidirectional. While the market for bicycle lighting is saturated with expensive and complicated products, those looking for an affordable, simple and efficient solution need look no further.

The included mount can be attached to any pole up to 1.5” (3.8 cm) in diameter, allowing cyclists to attach it to their seat, post or handlebars. It also comes with a detachable clip that can be used to secure the Guardian™ Bike Light to wheel spokes, backpacks or jackets.

Thanks to patented Reverse Polarity Program Switching™ technology, the function of the light can be changed between flashing and steady on modes by simply flipping the battery over.

Available in white output as a front light or red output as a tail light.

Comes with Belt Clip
Comes with Bike Mount


Battery Duration

Flashing ~240 Hours
Steady-On ~100 Hours
For indication purposes only.
Duration may vary with temperature.


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Patented lens design that both collimates and diffuses the product’s light output, ensuring omnidirectioanl visibility (visibility from all directions).


Innovative technology that doubles the useful features of any product it is integrated into. Allows for a second group of functions to be accessed by switching the battery's polarity.

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